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Nema 4 enclosures materials

Carbon steel used for NEAM 4 enclosure

Materials for NEMA 4 Enclosures

Mostly, the companies manufacture NEMA 4 enclosures with high standard & quality carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Each of the raw materials has specific and unique qualities that make an enclosure efficient based on the application. The different materials show several characters and capabilities that make NEMA 4 enclosures unique and specifically suited for certain environments and applications. Determining which material is best suitable for an enclosure is vitally important because this will determine how efficient your enclosure would be.

NEMA 4 Quality Assurance

All electrical enclosures manufactured are made in compliance with NEMA standards. You can be sure that those companies will only give the best quality enclosures to the customers. Some company manufacture quality UL rated electrical and instrument enclosures that are based on your specific requirements and can offer you good lead times in delivering electrical enclosures.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel compared to other raw material steels has a higher carbon content, including iron and manganese. Carbon steel as an electrical enclosure material is considered to be one of the widely and known used material steel because compared to other steels available, it has many functions and advantages that includes in its efficiency. Carbon steel is malleable, therefore it can be melted and can be turned into different specific shapes.

There are generally four types of carbon steel according to these categories: low or mild steel, medium steel, high steel, and ultra high steel.

Low steel

Low steel contains lower content of carbon among all other types of carbon steel. This type of carbon steel is easier to form a shape and this is the most affordable compared to other types of metals. It is commonly used in manufacturing equipment for construction purposes. Despite the advantages, it has low strength and durability because of the lower carbon content.

Medium steel

Medium steel is another type of carbon steel which is resistant to longer use or wear and tear. Compared to low steel, this is more durable and stronger. Medium steel is commonly used in producing large metal structures and automotive accessories such as axles, shafts, couplings and other materials applicable to this industry.

High steel

High steel is one of the strongest carbon steel ever known because it has a high steel variety. It is generally used in producing high strength springs and wires.

Ultra high

Ultra high steel is a carbon steel type which is very formal but strongly recommended to use in manufacturing knives and axles. These types of carbon steel, metals are used in the production of various types of industrial tools and machines. Ultra high steel carbons are used extensively in producing different cutting tools, drill bits, and knives because these types of tools require strong but very flexible material.