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What is the Best End Use for Plastic Enclosures?

Last week, my boyfriend and I were having dinner and a movie night. I am so thankful he did this for me because I was able to relax because he volunteers to cook dinner for me. After all, he is a professional chef. I was just in the counter watching him do this thing because I am awed by the way he chops the vegetables and oh boy, he’s fast!

Honestly, I struggled with chopping vegetables or any raw materials of any kind because I have a very small cutting board and I only have standard steak knives. In contrast, my boyfriend always has his bag full of professional knives which I don’t exactly know what they are for. There are different kinds of knives for different kinds of purposes: chopping, slicing, and dicing. He just breezed his way through the veggies and just for a matter of few seconds, without even cutting his finger off. I really wonder how he does that.

Then an idea hit me, the right tool gets the job done and much easier.

When it comes to engineering field, the technicians and engineering should understand this: selecting the right enclosure for your electronics equipment is more than just finding the right fit and proper size. The end use should be first considered before proceeding with purchasing with a certain box size. One of the many reasons as to why this is very important because there are special properties that should be heavily considered for different types of uses and other certifications.

For instance, consider the plug-in enclosures. There are several operations that could utilize the plug-in style for an enclosure. Most of these operation does not require the additional stuff and certifications. But for them to get a UL certification of one finished product – for example in a medical field setting – the plug should not be stamped unto the metal.

Because of this, the stamped metals have the tendency to have arc out and it can create a very toxic and dangerous environment. Especially when it is in a place where there is pure oxygen in a closed space in a hospital setting. If there are applications that will not exist in that kind of setting, the stamped metal can be an absolute and best acceptable component.

This is why there are companies that offers fine brass in all of their plug-in enclosures. For example, a company offers GS series with their PS series plastic enclosure. They are made with brass on their plug-in enclosures. Companies would like to make sure that you are using the best enclosure there is and it is perfectly designed for the application you have in mind. Also, when you contact their customer service, they make sure you get the perfect fit for your project.