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What does NEMA & UL Stand for?

Both UL and NEMA are primary concerned bodies in publishing standards for electronic enclosure characteristics and quality. NEM gives seminar and meetings for further developments of these standards to be able to give the best quality there is for the consumers such as: industries, companies, and end-users. Their main agenda is their policies for legislative and regulatory manners and also in analysis, collection and publishing set of data

With this in mind, UL is a universal independent safety science company that has many years of experience and expertise when it comes to arriving and coming up with the latest innovative solutions. These safety policies come from the public comments and also they target for the innovation for energy breakthroughs and sustainability. As well as nanotechnology and renewable energy. This body is focused on promoting safe living and working environments through their published standards. UL helps the community by protecting them and also the products companies produce and where they are placed. They initiate the trading policies and they give peace of mind to the consumers.

With this vision and mission in mind, the Underwriters Laboratories mandates the test compliance of electrical enclosures that are done by the qualified evaluators that comes from the enclosure manufacturer. In ensuring that these companies comply to the standard, prescribed, manufacturing methods and enclosures’ material specifications, UL voluntarily sends inspectors to the manufacturers. This is to make sure that they don’t miss anything on their manufacturing processes. In addition to this, NEMA on the other hand does not mandate the independent testing of the enclosures and they leave the testing phase and the compliance to the standards up to the manufacturer.

In conclusion, NEMA enclosure designs as well as UL only produces and fabricates quality stainless steel and aluminum electrical enclosures. These enclosures are made sure to comply to the industry’s standard quality and specifications that will meet the needs of the companies and the consumer. These enclosures should meet the exact specifications of the enclosure and they should make the lead time of the companies. Through this, the companies as well as the consumers will now be able to tell efficiently what they need and this will save them time from planning and execution. Companies will now have better resources and they can prioritize on what things they should prioritize spending their resources on.