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What are the Benefits of Having Plastic Enclosures?

In today’s technology developments, consumers are now presented with a lot of product options. Once a consumer steps inside the grocery chain, there are already numerous selections consumers can see and choose from. This can go as simple as choosing the fruit they would like for dinner. There are apples, oranges, grapes, and a lots of berries. The prices of the products can vary but the wide options are already there. Even to looking into a person’s favorite band. The user can easily type the name of the band on the address bar and Google will give the user millions of links to choose from. You can learn a lot about a certain subject or product just by searching it up on Google.

That’s how powerful our technology is nowadays.

This also holds true when a company is selecting a right enclosure for their processes. There are several resources and materials a company can choose. They have wide variety of metal materials that they can choose from but why on top of all these wonderful choices, the should choose a plastic one?

Even though metals can be a great material in making metal electrical enclosure, ABS plastic is also a great choice for an enclosure material. It is a strong material that can be easily processed, machined, and customized according to the size or shape of any holes. It will also depend on the permanent ink that was ink printed directly on its surface for customization.

In comparison with its metal counterpart, plastic is a lot cheaper compared to metal enclosure. Not only because metal alloys and sheets are expensive, but also because plastic is lighter and dense compared to the metal enclosures. Because the shipping cost heavily depends on the weight of the of the package, the company can save a lot of money on importation costs. Also, plastic enclosures can also be installed on less structural support because plastic can easily hold itself because it is lightweight and easily portable.

One great advantage to this is that Plastics also won’t decay, corrode, or tarnish even if it is exposed to the elements because plastic don’t react to harsh weather conditions. With the exception of exposing it to UV rays because this can make the plastic worn out in the long haul.

An additional benefit of using plastic enclosure deals with personnel safety. Because the plastics are not conducting energy, the personnel are safe around plastic enclosure. All the electrical wiring and electronics housed inside the plastic enclosure is not prone to being electrocuted because plastic does not conduct energy. Some enclosure manufacturing companies offer flame rated 95-VA plastic enclosures and are also very ideal for having a safe and economical choice for a plastic enclosure.