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Small to Medium Sized Plastic Enclosure Can Come with Battery Compartments

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Just the other day, I was being contacted by a friend and asking me for an advice regarding an electronics enclosure he was looking for. He was looking for a well-designed enclosure that can house 10 AAA batteries.

Currently I don’t have any idea in mind what companies offers molded enclosure that can house as many AAA batter compartment.

However, upon searching the internet I was able to find a company that can hold 10 AAA batteries and I can see his excitement about my suggestion! This company offers two different series of enclosure that can hold 10 batteries at the same time. It can also include an AA or 9V battery compartments that has standard sizing.

Their type of handheld enclosure series is especially designed for some of the battery operated remote control handheld applications. This type or remote control enclosure has the 2 AA battery compartment that comes with the standard battery contacts.

This type of handheld enclosure is widely available in either black or white colors. Made from the flame-retardant ABS plastic that comes with UL94V-0 flame rating.  The slim design of this type of enclosure easily allows for any equipment to comfortably fit in the palm of our hand. The recessed cover is ideal for some of the graphic overlays.

This remote control series is also primarily designed for some for the engineer project that comes with handheld applications. The customer can choose from an 9V or a 2 AA battery compartment. Also available in 3 sizes, the remote control enclosure is molded using the black-flame retardant ABS plastic.

It can also come from an infrared end panel which makes this type of handheld enclosure a very good choice for an equipment that can perform device scanning.

If you are looking for a company that can offer this type of handheld enclosure, you can directly contact them and with this article as a basis, you can have a good grip of what you are trying to look for.