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NEMA 1 Electronics Enclosure is Not Just for the Plastic Enclosures

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This morning, despite the very cold weather outside – it is still  a morning air, a great time to walk my dog. However, I still have to wear two layers of clothing worth of pants, a long sleeve t shirt, an ear warmer and a hoodie. Don’t forget the gloves! When I walk my dog, I have to think that I am not really cold. That’s why I started thinking and writing the topics I could easily blog, and get my readers become really interested.

Did you know that as I am totally lost in thought thinking through the topics, my dog has just started to dig in through my neighbor’s garbage. Unfortunately, he has found some remains of their beef dinner. Because of this, I had a hard time telling him not to eat the bone. But because they are really good bones, he cannot just give them up.

Because of this, we are well-taught that some bones are very dangerous for a dog. The splinters from the bon can scrape their insides and can cause internal bleeding. As a responsible human being, I have to give him the right protection by preventing my dog’s access to some of the very dangerous hazards elements. Which I kind of realized that I have made myself like a NEMA 1 protection dog. Except that I was not an enclosure.

The NEMA 1 rating is widely defined as the electronics enclosure that is primarily designed to protect equipment for indoor use. It gives protection for the equipment against potential ingress of solid objects, or from contaminants/alien particles. However the protection that it gives is only limited. Also, it gives limited protection for the personnel for the prevention of access to the hazardous components.

The NEMA 1 enclosures are widely manufactured in the following materials: Metal, ABS, Polycarbonate. These are the materials that enables the enclosure to protect the equipment housed inside it. Including the debri and harmful components and it gives small protection for the personnel using the component.

There are companies that offers a full line of NEMA 1 rated enclosures. AS a matte rof fact, there are companies that offers as a complete line of NEMA 1 electronics enclosure and it gives restricted access to the personnel using the equipment. These electronics are primarily designed to protect the enclosure inside. As we have previously tackled before, any holes and knockouts for different project may change the NEMA rating of the enclosure.

If you have any specifications in mind, you  just need to tell the enclosure manufacturing company about your needs.