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IP65 Electrical Enclosures Defined

For companies that wants electrical enclosures that will protect their equipment from harsh environments and from protect equipment from water ingress, their best bet would be IP65-rated enclosures. This type of enclosure are carefully designed to endure and withstand harsh yet demanding environments outdoors. They can protect sensitive electrical equipment and components even the careful wiring of any equipment from any type of ingress present in any environment. IP65 can give full protection from any type or ingress and totally dust proof. 

It is important to note that the NEMA ratings are totally different from IP rated enclosures. You can read more on their respective websites about the major difference between each rating.  

Different IP65 applications 

IP65 are versatile because of their great protective features against any type of ingress. These are also durable because it is designed to withstand tough environments. Below are the most common areas of applications where IP65 are commonly used: 

  • Outdoor Environments – This is the most common place where IP65 is usually used. Because this environment can have a lot of potential hazards and it can jeopardize any electrical equipment.  
  • Factories and Warehouses – The common industry where factories need IP65 electrical enclosures are manufacturing companies. This is where chemicals, dirt, dust, and debris are most likely to exist. IP65 can help companies protect their delicate equipment to prevent damages and potential delays in their processes. 
  • Agricultural Facilities – Electrical equipment are also being used on agricultural and poultry farms because it helps businesses to optimize their processes. In greenhouses for example, IP65 is being used to protect components from any potential danger because of exposure to dirt, dust, or water. 
  • Garages and Automotive Shops – The particles existing in this environment produced by car paints, oil and welding processes can harm and jeopardize certain electrical equipment. It is important to protect important equipment in this environments from any potential ingress.  
  • Boats and Marine Environments – Most of the time, it is not recommended to use electronics in wet and moist environment because it can damage equipment. IP65 is one of the best enclosure to protect electrical equipment from any potential water ingress. 
  • Washdown and Sanitary Areas – Because this environment where water is present can bring corrosion to any equipment, it is important that the enclosure that will be used can protect equipment from corrosion and any potential damage. 

Where does the IP65 is usually used? 

IP65 are used in protecting delicate and complicated machineries. Usually it is used to protect biomethane analyzers that gives high-accuracy readings and information about the levels of methane and oxygen to outdoor security services. These type of machineries need protection from potential dust and water ingress. Also security cameras need IP65 because it is use outdoors and they can also be tampered with water that may hinder their performance. In addition to this, one of the common applications of IP65 enclosures are in protecting external temperature sensors and other types of sensors, this also includes humidity and barometric pressure.