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FAQ About Data Center Noise

What is the largest, biggest culprit manufacturer (the things that are making the necessary noises) of the irritable sounds in the data center? Actually, the existence of noise is a reality of life in the world of data center. The most common and ideal culprits are the fans that are located inside the servers as well as the equipment and continuous “whoosh” sound of airflow that comes from the cooling equipment.

The engineers have already witnessed the increased adoption and total consolidation and increased density equipment inside the data center. The higher the heat generated by data center the more noise it creates – which in fact is very unfortunate. The increased density existing in the equipment will be eventually required to have increased heat dissipation in a smaller office space. Those minute fans really work hard!

With this in mind, what can engineers do to be able to acquire a very good sense of how noisy the data center can really be? To start with this thought, let us conduct a mock “tour” of the data center with your visual employees. As you walk through and around the data center, you will quickly notice some areas where the noise will appear to be louder than other data server racks. However, this can be more difficult for the tour guide to position himself properly during the tour because people might not hear him very well.

With this in mind, you can measure the noise being generated by using a sound meter. This is used to effectively measure the level of decibels being generated in these areas and other spaces inside the data center. The data are being monitored and measured to gage and record the sound levels being produced at some points.

In conclusion, what can you effectively do to be able to decrease the noise? There are existing effective sound dampening server cabinets and enclosures that are widely available. Several also had a good innovated airflow and heat dissipation systems. By implementing the techniques for sound dampening cabinets in spaces where the sound level is at its highest peak, the data center will have reduced noise and it will create drastic differences.

At what aspect would you think do you have to do something about the noise being produced in the server racks? Even the noise that will reach very dangerous levels. Other bodies suggest that the sound levels should have a standard that it should reach a level or above the 85dB. It might also present a big risk of having defected hearing loss and other behavioral or mental problems. If the sound measurements being implemented are at a level where it can exceed, the additional monitoring of the system for sound reduction should be taken.