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Clear Lidded Boxes Utilized as the Best Alternative for Hinged Electronic Enclosures

More often than not, any manufacturing company gets an inquiry from a customer asking about their product line of plastic enclosures that comes with hinged lids. There are companies that offer a lot of products but there are some that does not offer plastic enclosures with lid capabilities. There are several reasons why companies does not offer this type of enclosures. But there’s an alternative to this, there is a clear lid alternative. Also, main advantage of this is that it brings numerous positive benefits in comparison to hinged lid enclosures.

It might seem a very good and pleasing idea to have the hinged enclosures to be able to have the personnel have a quicker service access to these enclosures. The hinged lids however can dramatically decrease the enclosure’s protective properties because of numerous reasons. Specifically, in applying NEMA enclosure applications. By definition, hinged lids can give provision for creating gap in between lids in the enclosure. This will eventually allow dust to enter and also for the dirt and moisture to leak inside the enclosure. This ingress can cause hard damage on the sensitive connections in the components.

With this in mind, this imposes risk for normal and low-impact applications but what’s more disturbing is there is now a higher risk for certain type of applications that would eventually involve high temperature, water exposure, outdoor weather and dirt exposure.

Several plastic enclosures contain application that eventually requires regular, frequent access inside the interior of the enclosure box through the hinged lids are very rare. Some information technology technicians would need to have access in the enclosures’ interiors each and every time because servicing this technology can easily remove the regular, non-hinged enclosure lids just by simply removing the attached screws on the screw towers.

The usual enclosures only have four screws that can have the security of having the lid down. These also has the option to be removed in just a matter of seconds for the personnel to access the equipment inside. There are very few applications that requires the interior box access and this is (most of the time) just enough to guarantee the hinged lids. This is the main reason why engineers do not keep the hinged lids molds within their reach.

In conclusion, engineers see the visibility into the interior of the enclosure and most of the time these components are very important. Just by making the enclosures capable of the applications that require hinged lids, companies can offer crystal clear lid enclosures that are manufactured from high-impact polycarbonate. The clear lids on these WC series enclosures make sure that they are UV stabilized and they are sealed quite perfectly on the body of the enclosure. This was done to be able to have provision for a clearer, easier view on the interior of the box, while maintaining the maximum protection.